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“…man made it, man can fix it”

Our Electrical Repair Shop is manned with highly qualified employees with many years of professional experience. The shop is extensively equipped with modern machinery which guarantees the highest level of services and the application of customized processes ensure highest quality and at the same time guarantees short and flexible turnaround times.

We have been successfully providing service solutions for:

Generator Rotors and Stators up to 650MW
Rewinds and Repairs
Exciter Component Repairs
Replacement of Retaining Rings
Life Assessment

AC and DC Rotating Equipment

Motor Rewinds and Repairs (incl. explosion proof motors)
Pump Repairs
No load testing up to 13.8kV
VPI epoxy resin treatment process


Rewinds and Repairs of Power, Distribution and Furnace Transformers ...
Oil Vacuum Degasification Unit
Tan Delta and Power Factor Test

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