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“…anytime, anywhere, we will be there”

Combining our long lasting knowledge of Turbo-Machinery with the responsiveness of our team of engineers and technicians, ISCOSA provides you with customized services at your site which are reliable, forward-thinking and focused on achieving your goals.

Field service engineers are available to assist you with routine as well as preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and resolving unplanned problems. We employ a large team of qualified and experienced engineers and our technical personnel are qualified to the highest standards. We constantly enhance their expertise by investing in the further development of our field service organization.

We have been successfully providing service solutions for:

Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and Generator Inspection & Repair
Pre-job planning and scheduling
Pre-outage unit evaluation
Minor & Major Overhauls
Blade Replacement
Seal Strip Replacement
Steam Valve Seat Restoration
Nozzle Inlet Repair
Start up and Commissioning Services
Operation and Maintenance

Extended Scope
Balance of Plant

Specialist Services
Fast Generator Inspection
NDT Services
Blast Cleaning
Vibration Analysis
Mods & Upgrades

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